Materials Characterization

State-of-the-art Microscopy

Collaborative Environment


The Michigan Center for Materials Characterization, or (MC)2, a shared microscopy and characterization facility, houses state-of-the-art equipment, including aberration corrected transmission electron microscopes, dual beam focused ion beam / scanning electron microscopes, an x-ray photo-electron spectrometer, a tribo-indenter, an atomic force microscope, and an atom probe tomography instrument.

(MC)2 supports a diverse multi-disciplinary user-base of more than 450 users from various colleges and department across the UM campus, more than 100 internal research groups, and 20 non-academic companies. The mission of (MC)2 is to provide cost effective, efficient, safe, and socially responsible access to advanced characterization equipment and expertise thereby promoting, enabling, and encouraging cutting-edge education, research, and business development.