Thermo Fisher Talos F200X G2 S/TEM

  • Conventional TEM bright-field/dark-field imaging, electron diffraction, and high-resolution TEM
  • Z-contrast and high-resolution STEM imaging
  • Fast EDS elemental mapping
  • Tilting series with TEM/STEM/EDS capability and 3D reconstruction
  • Differential phase contrast (DPC) imaging and Lorentz microscopy for magnetic or polarized materials

Tao Ma

Room G024 (Remote control available)

Publications, presentations, and posters resulting from work on this instrument should state: “The authors acknowledge the financial support of the University of Michigan College of Engineering and technical support from the Michigan Center for Materials Characterization.“

  • Accelerating Voltage
    • 80 and 200kV
  • Electron Source
    • X-FEG high-brightness Schottky type field emission gun
  • Vacuum
    • <1.2 × 10-5 Pa (oil-free)
  • Resolution
    • CTEM point resolution 0.25 nm, line resolution 0.12 nm, and information limit <0.12 nm with 0.10 nm attainable.
    • STEM <0.16 nm
  • EDS
    • Super-X window-less detector consists of four equal crystals with an active area of 4 × 30 mm2 and a solid angle of 0.9 srad, detecting all elements down to and including boron.
  • EELS System
    • Gatan Continuum S spectrometer with ultra-fast electrostatic shutter and high-speed DualEELS (energy resolution: 0.8 eV)
  • Image Acquisition & Analysis System
    • Gatan One View bottom mount camera for high-speed 4k × 4k imaging with in-situ capability
    • Simultaneous STEM HAADF/DF4/DF2/BF acquisition
    • Segmented DF4 detector for DPC imaging with live i-DPC and d-DPC
  • Lorentz Microscopy
    • Built-in Lorentz lens in the lower pole piece of the objective lens enables to image magnetic structures
    • In-situ observation under controllable magnetic field along the optical axis
  • Compatible Sample Holders
    • CompuStage single-tilt (x = ±35°) holder
    • High-visibility low-background double-tilt (x = ±35°, y = ±30°) holder for optimized EDS acquisition
    • Fischione Tomography holder Model 2020 with high-tilt angles (x = ±70°)
    • Gatan Elsa cryo-transfer holder allows >9 h below -145 °C and >8 h of stable, high-resolution imaging with high-tilt capability (x = ±70°)
  • Other Accessories
    • Velox software for TEM/STEM/DPC imaging with simultaneous EDS and EELS acquisition
    • AutoSTEM automated alignment software for the correction of focus and astigmatism correction in STEM up to ca. 1 Mx magnification
    • TEM scripting for controlling the microscopy by a user application