Saving Data and Files

(MC)2 is equipped with a data server that enables you to save and transfer files from the instruments. This is a temporary file storage location for users on a Mac OS server. From one of the computers in (MC)2, look for the server folder titled NewEMALData2. Please store your files in a directory labeled with your name. This directory must be stored in the UserData location on the central file server. Note that if data is saved in any other location, it may be deleted at any time. Never modify other users’ files.

We also have flash drives that may be used to transfer data directly from the microscope support computers to other computers within the (MC)2 data processing area in NCRC B22 Room G015. Only the Center’s own flash drives located at the front desk (G011A) may be used for this purpose. Personal flash drives should never be connected to any (MC)2 computer, nor should the Center’s flash drives be connected to a personal computer or removed from the lab. Once you have transferred the data from the support computer to a computer in G015, then you may transfer your data to your own Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, etc. After that, delete the data from the flash drive and return it to the front desk.

Please refer to the Policies page and do not use any other means of data transfer.


Be sure to back up your files regularly and then delete them from (MC)2 storage.