Other campus facilities

LSA Central Campus EMAL


Physical Electronics Auger Nanoprobe 680
Hitachi S3200 SEM
Cameca SX100 EPMA Rigaku Ultima IV XRD

Location: 1006 C.C. Little Building

Contact: Gordon Moore ; Phone: (734) 615-6657


Single Molecule Analysis in Real-Time (SMART) Center

Facility webpage: SMART


Single Particle Tracker: TIRF Microscope
ALBA Time-Resolved Confocal Microscope
Single Particle Nanomanipulator: TIRF + Optical Tweezers
Atomic Force Microscope (Table-top AFM)

Location: Biophysics at the University of Michigan
Room 3080 Chemistry

Contact: Damon Hoff ; Phone: (734) 763-5449


Medical School Microscopy and Image Analysis Laboratory

Location: Biomedical Science Research Building, Room A830

Contact information


Raman Spectroscopy

Location: 2823 Chemistry

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NMR services

Location: 3500 Chemistry

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