Microscopes, Spectrometers, and Triboindenter

 Hourly RatesDaytime Instrument Use*After-Hours Instrument Use Training/Operator AssistanceService Work
State of Michigan Academic Users$52$42 – only available to University of Michigan users


Non-Michigan Academic Users$67 N/A$71 $110 
Industry or Non-Academic Users$171 N/A$71 $160 

Sample Preparation Equipment


Coater  (per use)

State of Michigan Academic Users$9
Non-Michigan Academic Users$15.50 
Industry or Non-Academic Users$25

Charge Policies:

-The after-hours rate is effective from 5 PM through 8 AM for U-M users who have anytime access. 

-Rates for service and training/assistance by (MC)2 staff, when applicable, are in addition to the hourly rate for instrument use. The service work rate is for the performance of experiments or analyses by (MC)2 staff. 

-A one-hour minimum use charge applies to all sessions, even if less than one hour. This is at the daytime rate.

-Some equipment time is charged by the longer of the reserved or used time, while other equipment is charged only by actual use (log-in to log-out time). Equipment charging by the longer of the reservation or used time includes the Helios, Nova, PFIB, and Talos.

-Rates for non-Michigan users include university indirect costs, which must be charged to outside users in accordance to the university’s fiscal policy.

-Cancellation is allowed without charge 4+ hours in advance of the reservation time. The minimum use charge applies to a late cancellation. No-show/no-cancels are charged for the full reservation time. 

An additional 2.7% fee applies for payment by credit card and will be added to the invoice. Any processing fees that your institution may charge in connection to setting up a purchase order are also the responsibility of the customer to pay rather than (MC)2

-Triboindenter: Users requiring high temperature operation will be asked to bring their own tip.  

All publications including work performed or results obtained at (MC)2 should acknowledge the University of Michigan College of Engineering for financial support and the Michigan Center for Materials Characterization for use of the instruments and staff assistance.

Authorship or acknowledgements of specific (MC)2 staff member(s) should also be considered following accepted authorship guidelines and discussed with the appropriate staff member.