Thermo Fisher Helios G4 PFIB UXe

Materials Science, Electronic and Optical Devices, Biological Sciences, Geological Sciences, Defect and Failure Analysis, Sample preparation for other techniques

  • High resolution SEM Imaging (features <10 nm)
  • Large feature cross sections (>100 um)
  • Polishing of delicate samples for imaging and EBSD
  • FIB tomography serial sectioning for 3D reconstruction
  • FIB tomography for 3D EDS reconstructions
  • TEM and APT specimen preparation of Ga sensitive materials 

Allen Hunter

Room G021

Publications, presentations, and posters resulting from work on this instrument should state: “The authors acknowledge the financial support of the University of Michigan College of Engineering and technical support from the Michigan Center for Materials Characterization.

  • Electron Beam Source: Schottky Field Emitter
  • Ion Beam Source: Inductively coupled Xe Gas Plasma
  • Accelerating Voltages
    • Electrons: 350V to 30 kV (20eV minimum landing energy using Beam Deceleration)
    • Ions: 2 kV to 30 kV
  • Beam Currents
    • Electrons: 0.8 pA – 100 nA (0.8 pA – 100 pA in UC Mode)
    • Ions: 1.5 pA – 2.5 uA (in 20 steps)
  • Detectors
    • Electron and Ion Beam Imaging – Everhart-Thornley Detector (ETD)
    • Electron and Ion Beam Imaging – Through-the-lens Detector (TLD)
    • Electron and Ion Beam Imaging – Ion Conversion and Electron Detector (ICE)
    • ETD, TLD, and ICE detectors can operate in Secondary and Backscatter electron modes, and custom modes for charge suppression for SEM imaging
    • ICE detector can operate in both Secondary Electron and Secondary Ion modes for FIB imaging
    • Internal mounted NavCam for sample navigation
    • Internal mounted CCD camera to view stage and samples
  • Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS) – ThermoFisher Pathfinder EDS UltraDry 30M system
    • 30 mm2 detector active area
    • 129 eV energy resolution at Mn k-alpha
    • Norvar window sensitive to Be
    • Up to 1M x-ray input CPS and 300K output CPS
    • Motorized slide for detector insertion and retraction
  • SEM Resolution Specifications
    • <0.6 nm 2-15 keV landing energy
    • <0.7 nm @ 1 keV with beam deceleration
    • <1.0 nm @ 500 eV with beam deceleration
    • <1.1 nm @ 250 eV with beam deceleration
  • Ion Resolution
    • <20 nm at 30 kV using preferred statistical method
    • <10 nm at 30 kV using selective edge method
  • Gas Injector
    • MultiChem Gas Delivery System
      • Allows up to 6 chemistries
      • Supports gaseous, liquid, and solid precursors
      • Flow control for each chemistry
      • Heating controls for up to 6 chemistries
      • Cooling available for 2 chemistries
      • Currently configured with Pt and C Deposition
  • Micromanipulator
    • ThermoFisher Easylift EX
      • Controls integrated into Microscope UI
      • Includes compucentric rotation capability
      • <50+/-30 nm smallest step size
      • <150 nm omni-directional repeatability
  • Included Software
    • Auto Slice & View 4 – FIB serial section tomography and EDS tomography
    • AutoScript 4 – Python based scripting for automated imaging and milling
  • Stages
    • 150 mm Stage
      • X,Y, and R axis use high precision piezo motors
      • X and Y travel ranges +/- 75 mm
      • Z travel range 10 mm
      • Rotation is +/- 360° either direction
      • Tilt range -38° to +60°


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