JEOL 3100R05


  • Aberration-corrected HAADF/LAADF/ABF/BF STEM imaging for atomic structures
  • Fast EELS mapping with K2 direct electron detector
  • Conventional BF/DF TEM imaging, SAED, and aberration-corrected HRTEM imaging
  • Low-dose TEM and energy-filtered TEM with K2 direct electron detector


Tao Ma


Room G026 (Microscope) and G028 (Control Room)


Publications, presentations, and posters resulting from work on this instrument should state: “The authors acknowledge the financial support of the University of Michigan College of Engineering and NSF grant #DMR-0723032, and technical support from the Michigan Center for Materials Characterization.


  • Accelerating Voltage
    • 80, 200 and 300 kV 
  • Filament
    • Tungsten cold field emission tip
  • Vacuum
    • Gun ~1.0 x 10-9 torr
    • Column ~1.0 x 10-7 torr
  • Resolution
    • CTEM 0.055 nm point-to-point
    • STEM 0.055 nm point-to-point
  • Aberration correctors
    • Evaluate and correct aberrations directly from Ronchigram with an autocorrelation function
    • Auto correction on real samples. No standard sample is required.
  • XEDS System
    • Horizontal Ultra-thin Window JEOL SDD X-ray detector (active area = 60 mm2) capable of detecting elements with Z >5.
  • EELS System
    • Gatan Quantum 969 Imaging Filter (GIF) wtih K2 direct electron detector for electron energy loss spectroscopy and imaging.
  • Image Acquisition & Analysis System
    • Gatan Ultrascan 1000 CCD camera for high resolution imaging (above the GIF)
  • Compatible sample Holders
    • JEOL Single-Tilt Stage
    • JEOL Double-Tilt Analytical Stage
    • Gatan #636 Double-Tilt (x=±35 degrees, y=±35 degrees) Low Background (Be) Liquid-Nitrogen Stage.
    • Gatan #652 Double-Tilt Heating Holder with a maximum operating temperature of 1000 degrees Celsius.
  • In-situ holders
    • Hysitron PI-95 pico-indenter
  • Other Accessories
    • Free lens control, fully independent control of all lenses.
    • TEMCon PC control software.
    • JEOL Cs Correctors for STEM and TEM 



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