(MC)2 Live Remote Training Series

As a response to Covid-19 and the need for social distancing, (MC)2 has explored different methods for remote training and collaboration. In addition to managing private training and service sessions through Zoom since our lab reopening in June, we have also developed a YouTube Live series which is open to anyone to attend, whether direct microscope access is needed or not. Continue Reading »

Change in Center Directorship

As of June 2020, Dr. Emmanuelle Marquis has retired from her position as center director, with Dr. Alan Taub taking on the next directorship. We would like to thank Dr. Marquis for her innovation and service over the last five years of leadership, as she worked tirelessly to bring in cutting-edge new equipment, upgrade existing instruments, standardize training processes, and expand the range of techniques in the center’s repertoire.  Continue Reading »

Image Contest Winners Announced

Congratulations to the winners of our latest image contest! Thank you to all who submitted. 

1st Place

Rigel Hanbury, “Faceted Crystallites” (Thermo Fisher Nova 200 Nanolab SEM/FIB)

This is a secondary electron image of outer oxide particles formed on 316L stainless steel exposed to 320ºC hydrogenated water for 72 hours to simulate nuclear reactor core corrosion. Continue Reading »

Winners of Second Image Contest Announced

Congratulations to the winners of our second user image contest! The contest was judged by (MC)2 staff. 

1st PlacePrashant Kumar, “Glowing Dendrites” (Image acquired from the FEI Helios 650 Nanolab SEM/FIB)

“Excess amounts of L-cysteine precipitates in a typical dendritic pattern, while clusters of cadmium line the edges of these dendrites giving it a glowing appearance. Continue Reading »