(MC)2 Live Remote Training Series

As a response to Covid-19 and the need for social distancing, (MC)2 has explored different methods for remote training and collaboration. In addition to managing private training and service sessions through Zoom since our lab reopening in June, we have also developed a YouTube Live series which is open to anyone to attend, whether direct microscope access is needed or not. Users who are interested in access are able to request training as normal through our lab management system FOM, then we reach out once a livestream is scheduled. We encourage participation in live chat in place of the Q&A that would otherwise take place in-person. Anyone who is not a current lab user but has general microscopy interest may also attend live or watch later on our channel. Some of our past videos include the content below:

TFS Talos F200X TEM & STEM Alignments
TESCAN RISE Basic SEM Training
FEI Helios Basic Operation
UHR SACP on the FEI Helios
Cathodoluminescence on the TESCAN RISE
Lorentz imaging and iDPC on the TFS Talos F200X

We will continue to announce new entries in our remote training series as they become available.