Lunch-and-Learn Seminar on 12/4: Understanding Resolution and Aberrations of a TEM

Organizers: Dr. Haiping Sun, Dr. Tao Ma and Dr. Kai Sun

Date: Monday 12/04/2023
Time: 12pm to 1:30pm
Location: NCRC B32 Auditorium (Rm 1501)


This is a lunchtime mini-seminar for our current S/TEM users and others who may wish to use this technique in their future research.

Haiping will give a presentation covering topics including the structure of a S/TEM, electron wave propagation in a TEM, transfer function, aberrations of a lens and aberration functions. The presentation will aim to provide a concise and clear overall picture about the relationship between resolution and aberration of a TEM.

Tao and Kai are open for any specific questions regarding use of the Talos, Spectra S/TEM and Tecnai.


Space is limited. Please register by 11/30/2023 using this Seminar Registration Form.


Pizza and drinks will be served. 


Email: [email protected]tao[email protected], [email protected]