Microscopes, Spectrometers, and Triboindenter

 Hourly Rates Daytime * Evening, Night & Weekend Training/Operator Assistance Service ‡
State of Michigan Academic Users $48 $39 *** $55  $75
Other Academic Users $62 ** $71 ** $110 ** 
Industrial Users $161 ** $71 ** $150 ** 

Sample preparation equipment


Coater  (per use)

PIPS (hourly)

State of Michigan Academic Users $9.15 $12.30
Other Academic Users $15.5 ** $16**
Industrial Users $25 ** $25 **

* Daytime is defined as  Mon-Fri, 8:00 – 17:00

** These charges include university indirect costs, which must be charged to outside users in accordance to the university’s fiscal policy.

*** Evening and weekend rate applies only to users from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

‡ Service rates are for the performance of experiments and/or analyses by (MC)2 staff. This is in addition to the hourly rate for instrument usage.

Cancellations with less than 4 hours notice and no-shows are charged for the full reservation time.

Triboindenter: Users requiring high temperature operation will be asked to bring their own tip.  

An additional 2.7% fee applies for payments by credit cards.

All publications resulting from work at (MC)2 or including results obtained at (MC)2 should acknowledge the University of Michigan College of Engineering for financial support and the Michigan Center for Materials Characterization for use of the instruments and staff assistance.

Authorship or acknowledgements of specific (MC)2 staff member(s) should also be considered following accepted authorship guidelines and discussed with the appropriate staff member. 

Usage may be considered either the difference between log-in and log-out times, or the length of a scheduled reservation. Please contact staff before use to find which case applies.