Zeiss Xradia Versa 520 3D X-ray Microscope


Materials Science, Life Sciences, Geological Sciences, Devices, Defect & Failure Analysis

  • Non-destructive imaging and reconstruction of buried features (pores, particles, defects, etc.)  
  • Phase contrast imaging for studying low Z or “near Z” elements
  • Diffraction contrast for the study of crystallographic orientation
  • Maintains resolution at a distance for non-destructive in situ imaging
  • Multiscale imaging, characterization of large samples at high throughput


Nancy Senabulya Muyanja


Room G029


Publications, presentations, and posters resulting from work on this instrument should state: “The authors acknowledge the financial support of the University of Michigan College of Engineering and technical support from the Michigan Center for Materials Characterization.”


  • Spatial Resolution: 0.7µm
  • Resolution at a Distance (RaaD)* at 50 mm working distance: 1.0 µm
    • RaaD working distance defined as clearance around axis of rotation
  • X-ray Source: Sealed transmission
  • Tube Voltage Range: 30 – 160 kV
  • Maximum Power Output: 10 W
  • Radiation safety: < 1 μS/hr (equivalent to 0.10 mRem/hr)
  • Standard Objective: 0.4X, 4X, 20X, 40X Magnification
  • Sample Stage
    • Load capacity: 25 kg
    • Stage translation (x, y, z): 45, 100, 50 mm
    • Stage rotation: 360˚
    • Sample size Limit: 300 mm
  • Modules
    • Absorption contrast
    • Phase contrast
    • LabDCT Diffraction Contrast Tomography
    • Scout and scan control system
    • High-Aspect Ratio Tomography
    • Automated Filter Changer
    • DSCoVer Dual Scan Contrast Visualizer
  • Included Software
    • Scout-and-Scan Control System, GrainMapper 3D, Dragonfly

This facility DOES NOT perform experiments on living specimens.

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