Materials Science and Geological Sciences

  • Surface imaging (topology, chemistry, phase contrast) in vacuum or environment
  • Chemical analysis and mapping
  • Orientation imaging (automated large scale, image stitching)
  • Raman spectroscopy and imaging
  • Cathodoluminescence and imaging


Nancy Senabulya Muyanja


Room G027


Publications, presentations, and posters resulting from work on this instrument should state: “The authors acknowledge the financial support of the University of Michigan College of Engineering and NSF grant #DMR-1625671, and technical support from the Michigan Center for Materials Characterization.


  • Accelerating Voltage 0-30kV
  • Filament: Schottky Field Emitter
  • Detectors
    • Secondary Electron – Everhart-Thornley Detector (ETD)
    • Low vacuum secondary TESCAN detector (LVSTD)
    • Backscattered Electron Detector
    • Backscattered Electron Detector for heating stage
    • EDS – EDAX Octane Elite
    • EBSD – EDAX
    • Cathodoluminescnece (CL) Detector: Gatan Mono CL4
    • Raman (WD = 10mm)- WITec RISE with 785nm and 532nm laser
  • SEM Resolution: 1.0nm
  • Imaging mode
    • Resolution Mode (WD=5-10mm): high resolution and low depth of focus
    • Depth Mode: good resolution and increased depth of focus
    • Field Mode: large field of view, high depth of focus but worse resolution
    • Wide Field Mode (WD >25mm): extra large field of view but focus is not accurate
    • Channeling Mode: pivot point of scanning beam is on a single point on the sample
  • GM Chamber and Sample Stage
    • Internal Diameter: 340mm (width) x 315mm (depth)
    • Maximum Specimen Height: 145mm without rotation stage; 116 with rotation stage.
    • Maximum Specimen Weight: up to 8kg.
    • Movement: x,y: +/- 65mm,; z: 0 to 100mm. 100mm is where the stage is all the way down; Tilt +/- 90 degree.
    • Heating Stage: Kammarath & Weiss 1000°C maximum
    • Integrated Stage for Raman
  • Vacuum: Sputter Ion Pump and Molecular Drag Pump
    • High Vacuum Mode: < 9×10-3Pa
    • Low Vacuum Mode (UniVac): 7-500 Pa
  • PC and Software
    • SEM PC: MIRA3 Control Software
    • Raman PC: Control FIVE
    • EDAX PC: TEAM for both EDS and EBSD
    • CL PC: DMS 3 with DigiScan II
  • Sample Requirements
    • Not for magnetic materials, especially powder samples.
    • Samples must be compatible with high vacuum, i.e., clean and dry. Samples should be handled with tweezers or gloves.
    • Sample surface needs to be conductive and connected to ground (that is the stage), if not, the surface should be coated with a conductive layer, such Au or Carbon, then apply a conductive tape, Copper or Carbon tape, connected to the SEM stub. The stub should be tightened by screw.


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