Kratos Axis Ultra XPS


Nanomaterials, photovoltaics, catalysis, corrosion, adhesion, electronic devices and packaging, magnetic media, display technology, surface treatments, and thin film coatings used for numerous applications

  • Chemical composition
  • Element state of materials
  • Element distribution
  • Depth-profiling
  • In-situ heating and cooling


Nancy Senabulya Muyanja


Room G019


Publications, presentations, and posters resulting from work on this instrument should state: “The authors acknowledge the financial support of the University of Michigan College of Engineering and NSF grant #DMR-0420785, and technical support from the Michigan Center for Materials Characterization.”


  • X-ray Sources: Monochromatic Al source, Al and Mg regular sources
  • Operating Conditions
    • Spectrum mode: ~ 10 mA ~ 15 kV
    • Parallel XPS imaging
  • Vacuum System
    • Specimen Transfer Chamber (STC): <5 x 10-7 torr
    • Specimen Analysis Chamber (SAC): ~1 x 10-9 torr
  • Specimen Stage
    • Motorized sample movement in x, y, z directions and tilting
    • Can be operated at ~600 oC to -100 oC
  • Analysis Area
    • Spectrum mode: Using the monochromated Al source, 2 x 1 mm with energy resolution ~0.5 ev
    • Small area spectroscopy: ~ several µm
    • Imaging mode: ~ 900 µm x 900 µm with spatial resolution ~ 6 µm


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