FEI Helios 650 Nanolab SEM/FIB


Materials Science, Biological Sciences, Geological Sciences, Defect & Failure Analysis

  • Surface and cross section imaging (topology, chemistry, phase contrast)
  • Orientation imaging
  • Serial milling, imaging and 3D reconstruction
  • TEM and APT specimen preparation


Allen Hunter


Room G025


Publications, presentations, and posters resulting from work on this instrument should state: “The authors acknowledge the financial support of the University of Michigan College of Engineering and technical support from the Michigan Center for Materials Characterization.


  • Accelerating Voltage
    • Electrons: Landing energy 50V to 30 kV
    • Ions: 0.5 kV to 30 kV
  • Beam Current
    • Electrons: 0.8 pA – 26 nA
    • Ions: 0.1 pA – 65 nA
  • Electron Filament: Schottky Field Emitter
  • Detectors
    • Secondary Electron Imaging – Everhart-Thornley Detector (ETD)
    • Secondary Electron Imaging – Through-the-lens Detector (TLD)
    • Backscattered Electron Imaging – Concentric Backscatter Deetector (CBS)
    • Scanning Transmission Imaging – STEM Detector (STEM)
    • Ion Imaging – ICE Detector (ICE)
    • NavCam – CCD Camera for sample navigation
    • In chamber viewing via CCD TV camera
    • EBSD – EDAX Hikari 450 pattern per second capable OIM Camera
    • X-ray – EDAX Apollo XL 30mm² UTW silicon drift detector
  • SEM Resolution
    • 0.8 nm @ 15 kV (TLD-SE)
    • 0.9 nm @ 1 kV (TLD-SE)
  • Ion Resolution
    • 4.0 nm at 30 kV using preferred statistical method
    • 2.5 nm at 30 kV using selective edge method
  • Gas Injectors
    • Platinum
    • Carbon
    • Insulator Deposition
  • Micromanipulator
    • Omniprobe Autoprobe 200
  • Included Software
    • AutoFIB, AutoTEM, 3DEDS, EBS3, Slice and View
  • Stages
    • Leica cryo stage

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