(MC)2 Supports Microanalysis Society’s Topical Conference on EBSD

(MC)2 was excited to host a Microanalysis Society topical conference on Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD) this May 23–25, bringing together over 170 participants internationally, including students, researchers, and vendors. The conference featured three days of lectures and animated conversation on EBSD applications and developments within materials science, geoscience, planetary science, engineering, and industry. The dynamic conference format combined interactive live demonstrations from vendors using (MC)2 equipment to showcase the latest EBSD hardware and software with poster and plenary sessions held in NCRC’s Football Room.

Luke Brewer (U. Alabama) Presents on Metallurgical Sample Preparation

Along with talks on EBSD technology, Day 1 provided lab demonstrations on a flexible sign-up basis. Students and others seeking even more hands-on insights on EBSD methods were treated to tutorials in geoscience and engineering materials within the (MC)2 laboratory space.

The theme of Day 2 was “EBSD for Characterization of Microstructure Evolution” and also featured a poster session with over forty participants. Day 3 emphasized advances in EBSD technology and data analysis, such as Bayesian approaches on how to most effectively use data mining approaches to assist in analyzing materials.

Engineering Materials Demo

Represented vendors throughout the duration of the conference included Bruker, EDAX, Oxford Instruments, TESCAN, Thermo Scientific, ZEISS Microscopy, JEOL, Hitachi, Gatan, E.A. Fischione, EXpressLO LLC, Leica Microsystems, Mager Scientific, Cambridge Press, Buelher, BLG Vantage, NanoMEGAS, and Bluequartz.

Financial support for student travel was made possible through a National Science Foundation Award #1829336.

Q & A with Ralf Hielscher Following “A Poor Man’s Approach to HR-EBSD”
Vendor Demonstration by EDAX