EBSD 2018

May 23-25 2018 

EBSD 2018 (Microanalysis Society Topical Conference)

Registration and abstract submission are open (Click here)

(deadline April 1st)

Organizers: Steve Niezgoda (OSU), Marc De Graef (CMU), Elena Miranda (UC Santa Cruz), Andrew Cross (Wash U St Louis), Bobby Kerns (UM), John Mansfield (UM)

Basic and Advanced Tutorials, Hands-on Demos, Keynote Lectures, Presentations, Poster prizes, Social activities.

Confirmed speakers

  • Katharina Marquardt (University Bayreuth, Germany)
  • John Wheeler (University of Liverpool, UK)
  • Maurine Mantagnat (Institut des Géosciences de l’Environnement, France) 
  • Angus Wilkinson (Oxford University, UK) 
  • Ralf Hielscher (Chemnitz Technische Universität, Germany) 

Confirmed tutorial leaders

  • Marc De Graef (Carnegie Mellon University) – EBSD Technology and Indexing Engine
  • Luke Brewer (The University of Alabama) – Metallurgical Sample Preparation
  • Angus Wilkinson (University of Oxford, UK) – Cross Correlation EBSD
  • Stephen Niezgoda (The Ohio State University) – Coupling Crystal Plasticity Modeling with EBSD data
  • Ralf Hielscher (Chemnitz Technische Universität, Germany) – Matlab Texture Analysis Toolbox
  • Sean Donnegan/Mike Groeber (AFRL) – Dream 3D for Polycrystalline Datasets